Monday, August 22, 2011

robot troubles

Finally had my first major break-down of the telepresence robot after 3 months of operation.  A week and a half ago I tried to connect on Monday morning and found that the computer was down.  Not an entirely unusual occurrence - I have had occasional battery drains over the weekend if I fail to monitor the robot.  However the usual attempts at battery recharge failed.  Assuming the battery had somehow gone bad, I purchased a new battery, charged it up, got the robot working again one night and then the next morning - same thing - battery drained.  After a number of unsuccessful attempts to charge the batteries I have given up and decided that the on-board charger has broken.  I don't have the patience to deal with the back-and-forth with tech support to try and get this thing resolved.  I am really spoiled and I miss my virtual presence at the office, so I went ahead and ordered a new Create and hopefully that will fix the problem.  I hope this is not a frequent occurrence.

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